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4 Jun 2014
by Argent Media

SMX Advanced 2014Argent Media founder, Chris Silver Smith, will be speaking next week at the SMX Advanced Conference in Seattle on the panel, “Keywords on ‘Roids: Advanced Workarounds For Vanishing Keyword Data“, along with industry veterans Christine Churchill (KeyRelevance) and Rae Hoffman (PushFire).

As all search engine marketers are aware, Google has steadily reduced the keyword referral data available to webmasters. This sea-change, purportedly for the sake of improving end users’ privacy, has been a challenge to search engine optimization experts. SEO historically relied heavily upon this data to help in ascertaining whether optimization efforts had been fruitful, as well as in the process for discovering potential new keyword phrases that consumers are using to find content featured on the website. Google has altered the dynamic for Pay-Per-Click keyword analysis as well in 2014 by encrypting the keywords in URLs, rendering web analytic systems that are competitors to Google Analytics and Google AdWords unable to track the search query referral data (albeit the impact for paid search data is less, since you may still obtain referral information from your AdWords account, and from analytic systems that may obtain the data through the AdWords account API). Analytics systems may not display the keyword referral data as “Not Provided” or “Not Set”.

Keyword Not Provided - Not Set

Keyword Not Provided – Not Set in Google Analytics

Further, Microsoft’s Bing has begun imitating Google in this regard, so that we can now expect to also lose the referral information from Bing usage as well.

Heretofore, keyword referral data has been almost a lynchpin of internet marketing, used for a wide variety of reasons — not just for SEO benefit, but also for market research, usability testing, user experience improvement, sentiment analysis, and for discovering new and emerging market niches. Even the engineers and evangelists from Google and Bing have strongly recommended using the data for improving websites and associated marketing performance advantages. The abrupt withdrawal of this data is an unwelcome reversal on the part of the search engines, to say the least.

So, just what is an online marketer to do?

SEO Expert Witness Chris Silver SmithIn this session, Chris Silver Smith will reveal for the first time a robust data source that actually still has keyword data for many sites, and can display it! Not an imitation — not a projection based upon best-case-guestimates, but real consumer keyword referral data! Time permitting, he may also demonstrate a few other helpful data sources of interest.

This session is not-to-be-missed if you are suffering from the effects of losing your keyword data!

Conference: SMX Advanced, Seattle, WA
Session: “Keyword Research On ‘Roids! Advanced Workarounds For Vanishing Keyword Data
Date: June 11, 2014
Time: 11:00am – 12:15pm

Looking forward to this session? Please let us know!

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