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28 Mar 2019
by Argent Media

Chris Silver Smith, speaking at Content Marketing Conference, 2019Argent Media CEO, Chris Silver Smith, will be speaking at the upcoming Content Marketing Conference in Boston, April 16-19, 2019, on how Twitter can impact search engine optimization, and the overlaps between content marketing management and SEO.

Twitter is one of the top social media platforms that provides significant benefits to companies and personal brands, including in search engine results. But, those benefits happen only if the platform is leveraged effectively.

When your company brand is searched-for, does your official Twitter profile rank near the top of the first page of results in Google? Individual Tweets can also get indexed by Google and can rank in search results for brand names and industry keywords, as well as #hashtag page!

Content Marketing Conference

Instead of haphazardly attempting Twitter optimization through sporadic experimentation, attend Chris’s session to eliminate the guesswork and zero in on tactics that will get your content ranking in search results and boosted within the Twitterverse.

  • Chris Silver Smith – Twitter: Advanced Optimizing Tactics

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Registration Link: Content Marketing Conference


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