SEO Lacking, But They’re One Of Many

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7 May 2012
by Argent Media

Costco internet retailer and SEOChris Silver Smith, president of Argent Media, was recently interviewed by a Seattle Times reporter, and she’d asked him to conjecture on some of the things Costco might choose to do in order to improve their site for search. (See the article at “Costco makes plans for boosting its online sales“)

He pointed out a number of very elemental search ranking elements which had neglected — such as failure to include appropriate keyword phrases in page Titles, URLs and image ALT parameters. While he didn’t perform a deep analysis, and there were some things which were likely performing adequately for search rankings for some of the site’s pages, even at this quick, cursory audit it was apparent that a number of basic changes and improvements would likely improve’s performance significantly.

As yet another example of a basic SEO gaffe, if you go to the short URL for Costco’s site:

it redirects to a much less optimal URL:

The main problem with this is that’s developers have set the redirect up using a 302 “Temporary” redirect — signalling to Googlebot and other machines that the short URL has temporarily moved to For that reason, PageRank may not accrue at the destination URL — or at very least, a reduced amount of PageRank may accrue at the end URL. The rest of the ranking value will remain at the short URL which has no real content on it.

Further, if you go to , leaving off the “Home.aspx” resource name, this URL works also. So, there are at least three versions of their homepage URL which are live in the search results — meaning that all these URL variants may be effectively splitting the ranking value possible. So, this is an extremely basic — and common — “rookie” mistake.

Undoubtedly, will have many deeper, subtler SEO issues which could require more advanced analysis to uncover.

But, Costco shouldn’t really be singled out for this — many online retailers are not performing Search Engine Optimization, or are doing it at only a very suboptimal level. Some of the best known brand names are the worst offenders, because they “rest upon their laurels” by some degree, achieving some level of success with their online efforts due to traffic driven by their brand recognition and via shopping search product feeds. Chris has pointed out similar issues with companies such as Coca-Cola and Pepsi.

Argent Media personnel have worked with many of the top internet retailers, and we have seen many cases like these where companies are leaving surprising amounts of money on the table and in the hands of savvier competitors.

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Mention in the Seattle Times » Nodal Bits

May 7th, 2012 at 11:46 am

[…] I go into this in more detail over on Argent Media’s blog: SEO Lacking, But They’re One Of Many. […]


Ash Nallawalla

May 7th, 2012 at 3:01 pm

I work with large companies and see this too. Usually, it is because the web platform has been selected by the IT side of the house, which tends to be SEO-ignorant (in my estimation, not theirs). Even when such errors are pointed out to them and they are willing to fix them, some places are mired in implementation regimes that will, for instance, schedule all changes only once a quarter. Others are structured to charge money to other silos in the same company and such changes compete with others that are deemed to be “revenue generating”. Therefore, many large companies are condemned to pay for PPC advertising and many are happy to do so, in blissful ignorance.

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