For Your Social Media Optimization, We Channel You!

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6 Apr 2014
by Argent Media

For many small businesses owners, there simply doesn’t seem to be enough time in the day to work on social media along with all the other important aspects of operating a business. Yet, social media is an increasingly important component of online marketing in terms of community interaction, search engine rankings, and proactive reputation management.

So, what is a business proprietor to do?

Social Media Representation.

Argent Media provides Social Media Representation.

Some business owners throw a young relative or employee into the fray to make the pain go away — either to address pressing current needs, or to simply check the box off on something the owner vaguely understand is recommended or needs doing, but they have no deep understanding of. Social media presence: done! Yet, the fact that a younger person may have a higher degree of familiarity with the medium doesn’t translate into a professional presence nor marketing benefit. In fact, a poorly-managed social media account with unprofessional interactions can harm a business far more than having no social media activity whatsoever.

The majority of many small companies and local businesses do nothing on social media, however. Perhaps they feel they have insufficient time and that only the proprietor can adequately represent their business. Or, they know they can’t master social media on top of their specialized discipline, but aren’t aware of other options. Perhaps they feel they can’t afford professional service — indeed, some of the companies operating social media accounts on behalf of large corporations and celebrities can charge $3,000 per month and upwards.

Here at Argent Media, we can set up and manage your social media accounts in a highly professional manner, and we can broadcast your voice through the top platforms that fit with your type of industry: Twitter, Facebook, Google+, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Flickr, Instagram — and more. Best yet, we channel YOU!

Our unique approach was developed by Argent Media founder, Chris Silver Smith, who is an established and respected internet marketer with years of experience in developing methods that result in promotional success. Chris frequently provides information at conferences and via articles on social media and online reputation management for other professionals and for those who prefer to do-it-yourself. (See his article on 10 Pro Online Reputation Management Tips for Local Businesses.) Social media is a vital component for reputation management — if you are getting damaged online due to things people have posted about you, or if you are vulnerable to this because your presence is too “thin”, good social media development can reduce the impact, de-risk your company, and even directly improve your bottom line.

So, how do we go about running social media for companies like yours? One of the secrets of social media optimization is that some levels of consistent, targeted activity over time will directly translate into advantage in terms of building your influence, engagement, and even search engine optimization ranking benefits. If you feel there’s not a lot to say about your business, you really need our service! The best social media is NOT merely self-referential, narcissistic navel-gazing. We curate content that will work for your industry and market area — typically a mix of industry-related news tidbits, images, videos, quotations and shares from other influential accounts — and we post these in an optimal manner, factoring in phrasing that translates into interactivity, “share-ability”, and timing them for best results.

We can also provide basic-level customer support, such as answering common questions, or directing potential clients to appropriate information resources. For any questions or issues we can’t handle, we can forward those to you to provide a response or to contact the customer directly (in most cases, this is pretty rare — even for the accounts we operate for some of the world’s largest companies).

Our curating methodology can work as standalone representation for you in social services, or it can be used to merely enhance the work you’re already doing, to further ramp up your audience and help you more rapidly improve your influence scores.

There are other aspects of our operation that are proprietary processes that we can’t share here — there are a number of activities we do that will help to more rapidly increase your followers as well as your scores according to third-party measurement services such as Kred and Klout. As part of our service, we provide monthly reporting on growth and scores achieved by your accounts.

If you’ve delayed getting your small business into social media, or if you’ve been neglecting your online presence on important sites like Twitter, Facebook and Google+, check out our Basic Social Media Promotion & Management Package today, and give Argent Media a call.

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