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5 Nov 2012
by Argent Media

Social Media Management, Argent Media Agency, DallasArgent Media is pleased to announce the launch of a new, flat-fee service to provide monthly development and content updates via major social media platforms on behalf of small-to-medium businesses. This Basic Social Media Management Package will provide optimal, high-quality updates in a business’s Twitter, Facebook, and Google Plus pages each month.

As you may be aware, social media signals are counted by Google and Bing search engines. In fact, as Google has looked more and more critically upon the links accrued by sites, and has even penalized sites depending upon how they were obtained. Good quality links will continue to be a linking signal, but one area where businesses can directly bump up their prominence signals is via their social media efforts.

Small companies and local businesses frequently do not build out an effective social media presence. Businesses may not have time to devote to developing their social aspects, or they are insufficiently familiar with how to interact with online audiences. This sort of know-how doesn’t come overnight, nor from reading a quick how-to article — nor can it come from leaning on a tech-savvy son or daughter. A high familiarity with online interactions is necessary, coupled with long experience in social media. It also helps for it to be undertaken with deep experience in search engine optimization (“SEO”) in order to exploit advantages needed to help you enhance your site’s rankings.

Our research shows that companies involved in social activities such as blogging and posting status updates on Facebook and Twitter convey advantages in desirable keyword rankings. If you’re trying to do-it-yourself, you may fall behind while your competition could leapfrog ahead of you in terms of market share.

Instead of attempting to do-it-yourself, consider hiring Argent Media to handle it for you and take this headache off your hands. Doing-it-yourself with social media carries a high learning curve — lean on professionals to develop and promote your presence to insure that you build your influence rapidly.

So, consider taking advantage of our advantageously-priced service. Even if you’d like to handle your own Facebook, Twitter and Google+ channels, our service could enhance what you’re already doing, or we can develop up a robust account for you to take over later.

Don’t fall behind the curve — contract with us now and get up to speed rapidly!

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